I dedicated my whole existence to Jesus Christ the true living God.when every preacher and leader of the potter house church turn their backs on me knowing that I reported them that their paid on staff found out homosexual preacher had broken into my former place of residence and poison me with the same mixture of poison, that all of them discovered that he and his wife and daughter had poison bishop Vaughn McLaughlin mother with. All of them decided that it was best to throw me out of my own church and let me just go away and Rot and Die like a dog, and hide and pretend they are preachers in a church and live high on the hog. so they would not have to face the reality of their own crimes and sins.



I am simply a sold out specialize seer Prophet in the body of the True Living God Jesus Christ,who live a concentrated life style unto him,that is the only reason that I am not dead rottening in my grave from the stolen government military grade chemicals that the potter house church murdered homosexual preacher/elder deliberate put into my system by breaking and entering into my former residence:They decided to choose their own live in, in house homosexual photographer to take pictures of them while they have sex with each other and his bisexual wife and their underage daughter.


Email: specpro188@gmail.com

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